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Limited Liability Companies.

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We have been helping companies make money for 15 years

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We help customers in more than 30 industries

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Do you manage a company, run your business on full books?

Do you care about financial control and savings?

At Dobre Biuro Rachunkowe, we know the specifics of companies and understand the needs of business owners very well. We work with larger and smaller companies on a daily basis!

What if.

Imagine annual savings of hundreds of thousands (or more)!

You regain control of your company’s finances and know exactly where the money is escaping. Better yet, you have a system of indicators and in real time, in seconds, you can assess the financial health of the facility and make informed decisions – no guesswork.

Imagine peace of mind about your financial performance and confidence in your decisions.

It's all possible
With Dobre Biuro Rachunkowe.


Recently, with the help of minor changes in the company’s structure and tax planning, we found annual savings of PLN 1.5 million for our client (manufacturing industry) .

It took us
one meeting
. The previous accountant did not care – she simply sent an email with the amount of taxes to be paid….

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Do you have that too?

Conscious financial management in a company, regardless of its size, is a growing challenge. Costs are rising, and the budget is not made of rubber. Any savings are worth their weight in gold (especially if we are talking about additional tens or hundreds of thousands of zlotys or more).

  • Not sure where the money is “running away“?
  • Not sure what financial condition your company is in?
  • Do you make decisions based on assumptions rather than hard data?
  • Could you use regular analysis and financial support?
  • Do you lack financial control?

Let's get to know each other

You are just a few steps away from big savings.

Conscious money management in a company changes everything.

It’s a healthy budget and financial awareness that makes your business thrive. You have more peace of mind, and your decisions are based on facts and data, not assumptions.

If you are not controlling your finances and looking to save money, you are probably losing money every day. Why?

A simple example: outsourcing accounting services

The accounting and human resources department is 7 people. 7 people x 6,000 PLN gross is a cost of 42,000 PLN per month (the full cost to the employer is 7201.80 PLN = 50,412 PLN). Annually, this amounts to PLN 604,944. Then there’s liability, vacation, sick leave, qualifications, recruitment, etc. Of course, the larger the team, the higher the cost.

In a situation where you decide to outsource these services, you can save about PLN 450,000 a year. In addition, you get full support, full HR and payroll services, bookkeeping, management accounting, tax consulting and a company budget with indicators.

Failure to make a decision or withholding action costs about 1,500 PLN in losses each day.

Managing a company (regardless of size) consciously managing money gives peace of mind, certainty and savings.

Conscious money management, changes everything.

Stop losing money and regain control of your company's finances.

What can we do for you?

Comprehensive HR and payroll services
Full service accounting
Regular financial summaries
Financial performance indicators
Individual consultations

When we get to know your company's situation, we will consider how we can help you and present a customized proposal that is 100% "tailor-made".


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Stop losing money and regain control of your company's finances.

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