Dobre Biuro Rachunkowe

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Dobre Biuro Rachunkowe

Your Business Deserves a Dobre Biuro Rachunkowe!

Take care of your Business and what you do best — the day-to-day work. 

Meanwhile, we will take care of your finances to be profitable and safe.

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15+ years

We have been helping companies make money for 15 years

30+ industries

We help customers in more than 30 industries

1 system

A proven system for a profitable business

How can we help you?

We take care of your money

Taxes and accounting are a daily occurrence for every business person.

Our Dobre Biuro Rachunkowe was established so that the issue of money and taxes in your company does not make your hair stand on end.

We want to be your support and guidepost in achieving the best possible financial results.


Accounting services

It’s very simple. You can focus on your business; we will care for the rest. We provide comprehensive accounting services, allowing your company to operate in compliance with regulations, forget about financial penalties, and optimize tax liabilities. We take care of your finances so you can handle your business. A Dobre Biuro Rachunkowe helps you make money.


Management accounting

Your finances are more than just numbers in Excel. It is a tool for making business decisions. Our maintenance of your management accounting will provide you with critical financial information to help you plan, control and grow your business. Together we will create a strategy to help you achieve your business goals.

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Financial consulting

Whether you’re just starting out or already running an established business, expert financial advice can help you maintain excellent financial health and focus on long-term growth. We offer personalized advice to help you manage liquidity, plan investments and minimize risk. With us, your finances will be in good hands.

Every day

We take care of your money

Running a business means managing finances on a daily basis.

You need to know that bookkeeping alone is not enough.

With us you will achieve your success quickly and as profitably as possible.

According to the plan

We set the scope and implement it.
From A to Z.


Our specialists take care of your finances every day. Reliable.

On time

We are committed to reliable and timely work. This is standard for us.

Receive a Free Consultation

See if we can help you. No obligation.
What do they say about us?

Get to know the opinions of our customers

Dobre Biuro Rachunkowe has allowed me to have peace of mind about my finances. Every entrepreneur knows how important this is. The team's professionalism, precision and accessibility make me feel at ease. I definitely recommend it!

owner of a service company

At Dobre Biuro Rachunkowe, they made sure that my finances were handled in accordance with regulations. They show the possibilities and solutions that are best for my company. They allow me to focus on growing my business and not stress about taxes!

Chairman sp. z o.o.

Since I have been working with this office, I have noticed a huge improvement. I have worked with many offices and I know how important it is to trust the people who handle my money. Our cooperation exceeded my expectations. Recommended.

Chairman sp. z o.o.
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Let's talk

Take care of your business and what you do best. Daily work.

Meanwhile, we will take care of your finances so that it is profitable and safe.